• Healthcare Analytics and personalized medicine.
  • Individual insight and personalized diagnosis for a patient.
  • Examine patient data and enrich it with DNA profiles, lab results and genetic information.
Healthcare Analytics:
personalized healthcare based on insight into the individual.

Nothing is as specific as a person’s DNA. For the diagnosis of genetic-related abnormalities, insight into the patient’s complete DNA sequence is crucial. Personalized healthcare, this is the core. Individual healthcare based on insight into the individual.

The path to personalized healthcare is paved with a huge amount of clinical and genetic data. Huvariome and Oracle Translational Research Center focus on the provision of information services in hospitals, academic organisations and research institutes.


Translational Research Center

Oracle Translational Research Center (TRC) enables you to store, examine and enrich patient data, for instance with lab results and genetic information. You can use it to perform analyses, gain insight into an individual and make a personalized diagnosis for a patient.

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"Huvariome provides a clear map of the patient’s DNA, including variations and mutations.”

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